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Guided Travel with Millennials: A New Revenue Stream?

Guided Travel with Millennials: A New Revenue Stream?

With this blog post at Blooloop.com I explored the idea of creating intentional and robust travel programs with zoos and aquariums that target their widest and core audience: Millennials. Many zoos and aquariums currently have limited travel programs that may occur infrequently, are largely under-marketed, and are mostly targeted at “big pockets” spenders for nurturing into major … Continue reading

San Diego Zoo’s Elephant Odyssey

In May of this year, San Diego Zoo opened it’s complex Elephant Odyssey.  Incorporating a plethora of animal species revolving around the idea of extinction in California, the new exhibit zone presents a unique organizing element rarely seen in zoos: an abstract idea rather than biogeographic or Linnean systematics.  Animals as diverse as African lions, … Continue reading

More Elephant Controversy…

As I’ve posted in the past, elephants at zoos have been the target of much controversy in the recent years.   Dallas Zoo recently fought public outcry to keep their lone elephant, and Chicago residents have been fighting to essentially outlaw elephants in captivity within the city limits.  Now, the Zoo has announced it will continue … Continue reading

Humboldt Penguins Get New Digs at Woodland Park Zoo

Designed by Studio Hanson Roberts, the new exhibit to open in May of this year, features green technologies and themed design.  The penguins’ new home will be outdoor, and features 30′  of underwater viewing.  The commendable  plan for the exhibit includes heating/cooling the exhibit pool through geothermal wells, and water filtration through a combination of … Continue reading

Small and Sad: Dubai Zoo’s Relocation on Hold Again

Amidst the worldwide economic crisis, Dubai’s exponential construction and growth has come to a screeching halt.  Countless numbers of projects have been put on hold, until costcutting measures can be instated, or until the lending market (on which Dubai solely relies for its development capital) thaws. Among these projects is the desperately bad, 5 acre … Continue reading

Chester Zoo’s Answer to Bristol Zoo’s EcoPark

As pointed out in a comment on Bristol Zoo’s Eco Park, Chester Zoo has just unveiled a comparative project.  Very little in the way of imagery is available, but this project seems to mimic the Eden Project in its use of a bio-dome to create a simulated African rainforest.  At nearly $550 million, Chester Zoo has … Continue reading