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Guided Travel with Millennials: A New Revenue Stream?

Guided Travel with Millennials: A New Revenue Stream?

With this blog post at Blooloop.com I explored the idea of creating intentional and robust travel programs with zoos and aquariums that target their widest and core audience: Millennials. Many zoos and aquariums currently have limited travel programs that may occur infrequently, are largely under-marketed, and are mostly targeted at “big pockets” spenders for nurturing into major … Continue reading

Messages and Meanings…Part 1

Excerpted from my thesis entitled “Historic Zoo Architecture: Creating New Meaning” Miscommunication, whether between two people or between a facility and its masses of visitors, is a very important issue in zoo design today.  Zoo professionals strive to educate the public on the ideals of conservation.  Using exhibit design and intricate interpretives and signage, zoos … Continue reading

Connection through Design

I hear it over and over again.  The same conversation that inevitably goes something like this…Zoology and landscape architecture?   Well, those don’t have anything to do with each other!  What do you do?  I respond, Zoo design.  Their face bares an expression of shock and dismay, ultimately giving way to a smile.  I await this … Continue reading