Spring Giveaway!

UPDATE 5/13: Congratulations Milo!

Springtime brings the colorful resurgence of warmth and the happy reminder that summer is just around the corner!  Springtime also brings smiles and sleepy bears emerging from their winter slumber.  Appropriately, the DesigningZoos.com spring giveaway is a signed copy of Else Poulsen’s Smiling Bears: A Zookeeper Explores the Behaviour and Emotional Life of Bears.”

SmilingBearsCover jpeg Sep 23 08I met Else at the Bear Care Group’s Advancing Bear Care Conference in 2011 where she shared her incredible wealth of captive bear knowledge.    She holds a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, and has worked at the Calgary and Detroit zoos.  She is known internationally for her captive bear husbandry and rehabilitation. In 2000 she won the Zookeeper Research Excellence Award from the American Zoo and Aquarium Association’s Bear Taxon Advisory Group. She works as an animal management consultant for zoos, sanctuaries, wildlife rehabilitators, and other animal welfare groups and lives in southern Ontario.

Enter the giveaway by telling me about your favorite bear exhibit in the comments section below.  A winner will be chosen at random on May 12.

5 thoughts on “Spring Giveaway!

  1. I am partial to it because it is where I work, but I love the grizzly exhibit at the Memphis Zoo. Our largest bear Peak actually sits in the river all of the time and looks exactly like the bear on the cover of the book. He loves to grab his back feet!

  2. My favorite bear exhibit is Dickerson Park Zoo’s North American Black Bear Exhibit. It is a very large exhibit with a natural feel. It has large tall trees for the bears to climb. It has a fake hollow log in the yard for denning. A pool for swimming, splashing and cooling off in. Also has several locations at which to view the bears.

  3. Hands down my favorite bear exhibit would have to be at the Minnesota Zoo. I think they did an amazing job with their Grizzly Coast exhibit. The sight-lines are some of the best I have ever seen; making the enclosure seem infinite. But one of the coolest design aspects is the large rock outcropping inside the exhibit that the bears are able to climb on top of. What makes this structure even neater is that once the bears have reached the top not only do they have a wonderful view outside their habitat but visitors are able to see the bears from the sea otter viewing window. I just love the idea of “stacking” exhibits like that to create a sense of one large environment.

  4. I’m anxiously awaiting the completion of the Assiniboine Park Zoo’s Journey to Churchill polar bear exhibit in Winnipeg. It’s huge and full. I’m hoping it will live up to it’s dreams of becoming a positive and enriching place for captive polar bears.

  5. Sloth bear exhibit at the national zoo is the best. The bears have large natural enclosures and cand demonstrate their main form of feeding during a daily demo – sucking up bugs! The bears will come right up to the glass and look at visitors just as the visitors are looking back.

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