Design Resource No Longer Available

sadpanda by Emma StronachToday, to my dismay, I discovered the WAZA website has been updated to remove all sizing and enrichment recommendations from the once-excellent Virtual Zoo.  This resource was great as it collected recommendations from around the world, including AZA and EAZA resources into one simple reference.  I’m not sure why the information was deleted, but assume it was due to the work involved in collecting and maintaining the data.  If anyone can direct us designers to another resource, especially for the oft overlooked non-mammalian species, please let me know! What a sad day for me…

7 thoughts on “Design Resource No Longer Available

  1. Oh, no! I loved reading through that website. It must have been recently removed because it was all there a week or so ago… 😦

      • The Virtual Zoo was never taken down, but they removed all husbandry recommendations–which are still gone unfortunately. Hopefully those come back…

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