December Giveaway!

Congratulations to Nicole, our December winner! Make sure you don’t miss a giveaway by signing up to follow the blog via email. New posts are delivered automatically. Happy holidays!!

Hey folks! It’s December and the traditional time of giving. And in that vein, I’m giving away a wonderful T-shirt! White organic cotton, ladies tee in size large. Design as below. A perfect gift to yourself or someone else!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite zoo exhibit in the world. A winner will be drawn at random on December 15.


9 thoughts on “December Giveaway!

  1. It’s hard to choose a favourtie exhibit, from Meet the Monkeys at the London Zoo where monkeys are jumping in the tree tops around you to the Bronx Zoo’s World of Birds from forest floor to canopy exhibit, I love so many. But if I had to choose it would probably be Georgia Aquarium’s expansive and amazing Ocena Voyager exhibit!
    Thanks to Designing Zoos for this opportunity!

  2. Wonderful competition! There are so many great zoos with so many great exhbits. Although, I would have to say that my faveroite zoo exhibit HAS to be ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s ‘Asian Elephant Paddocks’ – primarily because of their enormous size that give the elephants so much room to roam and explore. The majority of the paddocks are full of grass so they can graze naturally and they also have an optional sand paddock. The cow barn is full of character and the Bull Barn is fantastically modern for Bull Elephants in 21st century zoos. I think the versatility for guest and elephant is the reason why I love this exhbit so much <3. x

  3. My favorite exhibit in the world is the Georgia Explorer exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium. Where else can you pet live shrimp on a shrimp boat? And their whale slide is too adorable!

  4. My favorite exhibit is the new renovated monkey house in Artis Zoo Amsterdam. They deal with the contraints of being an old city zoo (founded 1838), but managed to turn one of their monumental buildings (built in 1908) into a beautiful spacious mixed-species (saki monkey, fruit bat, iguana, edwards pheasant, several tamarin species and many more) walk-through exhibit, where the glory of old times is a beautiful background to the free roaming animals and tropical atmosphere 🙂

  5. My favorite exhibit I have seen in person has to be the Artic Ring of Life at the Detroit Zoo. It did so much for the keeping of polar bears and it’s underwater sightlines are amazing. Can it be a guys shirt instead of a ladies?

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