Kansas City Zoo’s Master Plan in Full Swing

Currently, PGAV is working with several zoos to master plan for the coming years.  One of our current clients is the Kansas City Zoo.  We’ve been working with them for several years now, helping them with the new entrance and the polar bear exhibit.

Master plan board at public night. (KCZooFan via Flickr)

Kansas City Zoo’s number one problem is its size.  The Zoo, which is easily one of the largest in the U.S., is spread across 200 acres, requiring guests to spend a majority of their visit simply walking from one attraction to another.  In a long term effort to curb this, the Zoo has already started bringing animals to the front of the zoo.  Beyond that, the new master plan intends to create concentrated zones of exhibits where guests can easily take in all of the experiences and feel they’ve accomplished something for the day, while leaving unvisited areas for another day.  This approach is something that other zoos should consider as most zoos are local attractions–most guests come from nearby and they come several times a year.

For some reason, this master plan has been receiving a lot of press.  Below are a few links for additional information:

“Master plan for Kansas City Zoo calls for ‘mini-zoos,’ more attractions and entertainment.” Associated Press

“KC Zoo considers blueprint for the future: three zoos in one.” Kansas City Star

For more master plan images, click here.

3 thoughts on “Kansas City Zoo’s Master Plan in Full Swing

  1. Hi Stacey,

    Perhaps you would comment on the function and use of master plans. Often we hear zoo fans surprised to learn that what was once shown on a master plan never was actually built, or that the exhibits described in a master plan are quite different when they actually are built.

    – Rob

  2. My husband and I already do this with our little girl. We are FOTZ members and if we ‘do’ Africa we skip other sections. It works well for us. I’m looking forward to all the changes, and we LOVE the Polar Bear exhibit! We can go and just watch Nikita for awhile and don’t even need to do anything else – but we live close by so this works for us.

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