Dallas Zoo Changes Plans for Elephant

Last month, I reported on Dallas Zoo’s decision to send their last remaining elephant, Jenny, to a wildlife park in Mexico.  It was announced this week that the Dallas city council has stepped in, reacting to the pressures of animal activists, and has requested the Zoo to find an alternate home for Jenny.  No plans have been reported, but it is safe to assume that the Zoo will consider the Tennessee Sanctuary suggested by the activists. 

The Elephant Sanctuary boasts 2700+ acres at its disposal, providing 300+ acres for African elephants, and 2400+ acres for Asians.  Additionally, the Sanctuary has one 9000 sf African elephant barn, one 17,000 sf Asian elephant barn, plus separate quarantine facilities. 

4 thoughts on “Dallas Zoo Changes Plans for Elephant

  1. ALiE:

    Perhaps you can explain that comment.
    Africam is perfectly reputable, has a better vet staff than the TN Sanctuary, and the animal will be able to spend a greater part of each year out of doors.

    This decision seems to be no more than a political move to assuage those who want zoos closed (it was a decision for “sanctuary” and against “zoo”).

    So what do you like so much about it?

  2. So here we go again. Animal rights activists advised by discredited former zoo employees (there’s a reason they don’t work in the biz anymore and it has nothing to do with having “seen the light”)rush in to save the day when the day was far from needing to be saved. ALiE, you’re right. There’s nothing wrong with AfriCam except that it’s not the darling of AR activists as is the Tennessee Sanctuary. Folks, let the Dallas Zoo run the Dallas Zoo and let the Dallas city council do what ever it is they do best…I’ve lived in Texas all my life and I still can’t figure out what that is.

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